Wedding Dress Colors that Aren’t White

White wedding dresses have been the norm ever since Queen Victoria decided to wear one. That was way back in 1840, but the tradition of white wedding dresses has stuck around. While white dresses are the norm for brides today, some people want something more unique. Bridal shops are a lot more creative these days, with many carrying other color gowns for the creative bride. Here are some wedding dress colors to consider that aren’t white!



Ivory, Cream, Off-White

If you’re worried that a pure white won’t compliment your complexion but still want something more traditional, consider a soft off-white shade. There are tons of slight variations of white, such as ivory, cream, bone, eggshell, or off-white. These shades are perfect for brides that want something slightly non-traditional but not too unique.




If you want to get a step further from white, consider blush! Blush gowns are popular right now but are still uncommon, so you won’t be too trendy if you opt for this. This light pink shade is the perfect compromise between uniqueness and tradition. There are different shades of blush as well, with some veering whiter while others are firmer in the pink camp.




If you want something different, why not go in the opposite direction? Black wedding gowns can be stunning and are perfect for the alternative bride. It’s perfect for the rocker or goth bride or one that just loves black! While it’s usually a faux pas to wear white as a wedding guest, a lot of brides that opt for a black dress request a white dress code to create contrast and stand out.



Red is a lucky color in many Asian cultures, which is why you’ll often see Asian brides wear a red dress at some point on their wedding day. A lot of modern Asian brides will still opt for a white dress for the ceremony but switch to a red dress later for the reception. Other brides decide to fully embrace their cultural heritage by going just for a red wedding dress.



Light Blue

We all know the wedding rhyme, “something old, something borrowed, something blue.” Instead of sourcing a blue object to add to your outfit, just make your dress the something blue! A pastel or dusty blue wedding dress still feels elegant and bridal while being different and colorful.




If you want something more glam, consider a metallic color like gold, champagne, or silver! These shades are popular for second weddings but can be worn for the first wedding as well. These soft metallics will make you stand out while not being too far away from the traditional white.


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