2017 AGI Studio Collaboration Workshop



CEO & Art Director of the Global Wedding and Portrait Photography Studio VERAHO PRODUCTION
– Canon CPS Platinum Contracted Photographer and Master Lecturer –
– Class A Certified Photographer AND Judge for MPA (UK) & AMPA –
– First Female Photographer from Mainland China Whom Scored First Prize in WPPI Online Competition –
– WPPI Offline Print Competition Gold Prize Winner –




AGI Studio Chief Photographer
– Senior Commercial Photographer –
– WPPI Offline Print Competition Gold Prize Winner –
– PWPC (Canada) Seasonal Competition Top 10 Photographer –


Course Detail

Day 1 -2017.07.25

-Equipment Selection and Use –
– Photography 101: Color Design Principle, Composition Style, Theory of Lighting etc. –
– Natural-Lighting Tips (Window Light, Indoor Light, Sunlight etc.) –
-Short Cut to Learning the Use of Flashlight –
– Pre-production Preparation: Styling, Costume, Location Scout –
-Model Posing Instruction –
– How to Best Coordinate with Environment While Shooting –
– Tone setting, Detail Finding, Improve Completeness of Pictures –

Day 2 -2017.07.26
On-site Shooting
Vera Ho
– Demonstrate how to incorporate pre-production planning with on-site circumstances –
– Introduce the structure and line to help putting subject/figure in appropriate position –
– Distribute reasonably amount of frame scale for one photography set –

Polk Liang
– Demonstrate the workflow of producing commercial fashion photography –
– Work with commercial models on set –
– Demonstrate how to capture details to produce high-end work –

Day3 -2017.07.27
Vera Ho
– Adjust the tone and color theme for post-production according to pre-production and production scheme –
-Liquidifing and buffing according to the aesthetic of the body –
-Use masking to alter human figure’s and environmental details –
-Confirm final picture tone and completeness –
-Check pictures’ overall style according to international competition standard –
-Teach developing moonshot post-production style –

Polk Liang
– Teach technique of using Lightroom –
– Demonstrate entire work flow of using Photoshop to produce commercial-level work –
– High-end commercial skin refining technique (color-texture-separation) –
– Unify color tone of a set of work –


Seats: 30 Students
Cost: CAD $1650(tax included); $1500 Team-up Price for 2+ Applicants

TEL: 1-647-995-3689 | E-MAIL: workshop@agistudio.ca | WECHAT: agistudio2017

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