March 2020
What to Include On Your Save The Date Cards- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers
Before wedding invitations officially get sent out, most couples give guests a heads up by sending out save the date cards. These cards are important as they let friends and family know key pieces of information about the wedding so that they can start planning. Here is what you should include on them!    ...
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Colors to Avoid Wearing to a Chinese Wedding- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers
If you’ve never been to a Chinese wedding before you may be wondering what colors are appropriate for guests to wear. Chinese weddings have a few different rules and customs than western weddings. Color plays a big role in Chinese culture, so it’s important that you don’t offend the bride and groom by wearing the...
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First Kiss Wedding Photography
Weddings are special events, full of amazing moments from the big, highly celebrates ones to the small intimate ones. A good wedding photographer knows not only which moments to capture but positions themselves so that they are able to beautifully do so. Each couple has their own shot list, but here are some key wedding...
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6 Wedding Hair Tips All Brides Should Know- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers
All brides want to feel beautiful on their special day. From the gown to makeup, there are a lot of elements that go into a bridal look, and it all starts from the top- your hair. Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle can be tricky, so here are a few tips to keep in mind!  ...
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