July 2019
Wedding Tradition Breakdown/ White Wedding Dresses- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers.jpg
Weddings are a fun day and an opportunity to celebrate the love between two people. While many couples love to infuse their personality and tastes into their wedding, they often have to grapple with a long list of wedding traditions. One of the biggest wedding traditions is the bride wearing a white wedding gown. This...
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Pros and Cons of a Child-Free Wedding- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers
If there’s one thing our wedding photographers have learned, it’s that everyone has different ideas about an ideal wedding. For some couples, they want everyone and anyone who has impacted their lives to be at the wedding- including small children and babies. For other people though, they want to be able to celebrate without cranky...
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6 Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers
Weddings are special and happy times, but as with any celebration, they can also be a reminder of those that are no longer there. Including lost loved ones on your wedding day can be a challenge. Many couples want to include them and their memory in some way on the wedding day, but also don’t...
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Toronto Featured Engagement Locations: Kensington Market- AGI Studios
Toronto has no shortage of fun and beautiful locations. This can make selecting an engagement photography shoot location challenging. One of our photographers’ favorite spots to snapshots of the happy couple is Kensington Market.   Kensington Market is one of the most well-known areas in downtown Toronto. It features an eclectic mix of shops, cafes,...
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