February 2019
5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photo Album
Our culture is obsessed with taking pictures these days, everything from key life moments to something as mundane as eating breakfast seems to get captured. While most of these pictures are destined for the digital world, there is something special about physical photos. A photo album might seem outdated today, but these physical wedding photos...
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Featured Toronto Wedding Location: Shangri-La Hotel- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers
Hotels have quickly become one of the most common locations for weddings, and Toronto had a number of beautiful ones. One of the most stunning and popular hotels for weddings is the Shangri-La.   Located in the heart of the entertainment district, the Shangri-La is one of our wedding photographers’ favorite hotels to shoot in....
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Have you heard about unplugged weddings? Many couples these days are opting for them as a way to encourage guests to disconnect from technology. Here’s what you need to know about them.   What is an Unplugged Wedding? An “unplugged wedding” is one where the couple getting marries asks guests to not take photos or...
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