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Best and Worst Times of Day to Take Wedding Photos- AGI Studio | Toronto Wedding Photographers
A great wedding photographer will be able to take wedding photos at any time or place, but that doesn’t mean that some times aren’t easier than others. Lighting plays a huge role in how well photos turn out. Wedding photos, in particular, rely on lighting to set the romantic tone. Photographers can work with what they...
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3 Ways to Infuse Your Personality in Engagement Photos- AGI Studio
  Engagement photos play an important role in the wedding process. Not only do they announce your intention of getting married to the world, but they can also be used for save the dates. It’s also an opportunity for couples to get comfortable in front of the camera, which results in better pictures on your...
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7 Surprising Facts About Engagement Photographs- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photography
There’s not a wedding without an engagement. Getting engaged is one of the most memorable moments of people’s lives. Many of our clients remember the intimate moment they decided to spend their life together even more than their wedding day! Here are some interesting facts about engagements and engagement photos!   Holidays Are Popular for...
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What’s the Difference Between Pre-Wedding and Engagement Photography?- AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers
  You may have noticed that many Toronto wedding photographers offer different types of shoots. Two that often confuse people are pre-wedding and engagement shoots. So what exactly are the differences between the two? Both take place before the actual wedding day but they have completely different purposes and styles.   Engagement Photos Engagement photos...
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5 Tips for Taking Wedding and Enagement Photos in the Fall- AGI Studio
Summer is officially gone and Fall is upon us. Toronto has some beautiful autumn scenery that makes for stunning wedding photos. The rich reds, oranges, and golds of autumn leaves make the perfect backdrop for engagement and wedding photography. But Winter is approaching quickly, so if you want to capture the beauty of Fall here...
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AGI Studio Wedding Photographers Win PWPC Contest-AGI Studio Toronto Wedding Photographers
Every season the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada hosts a wedding contest. There are a number of categories such as Bride and Groom Portraits and Engagement Portraits. This year we had a number of our wedding photographers here at AGI Studio win the PWPC Summer 2018 Contest for these categories!     Our Toronto wedding...
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